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October 27, 2008


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Gorgeous shots! I hope your feet don't hurt tomorrow :)

That's beautiful! Great pictures and I hope you feel okay tomorrow.

This looks splendid.

I can't wait for your new camera to arrive. Your style is amazing, I can only imagine how gorgeous your blog will be with the new images....

All of your photos are beautiful, I think the hike was worth it!

Thank you!

I am in fact in horrible pain. But that's what drugs are for!

@ Une. I am so excited for my new camera I can barely sleep. I may kiss the mail carrier.

great pics - luckily (?) i have a 5 year old hiking partner who prevents me from hiking up the vistas trail, we just chuck pebbles into the lake or swim at sasamat (when it's warmer!!)
thanks for showing me what i'm missing!

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